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Capri Palace – Anacapri, Capri

19th July 2017

From the moment I checked out of the Capri Palace, 2 years ago, I hoped I would return very soon. I have just arrived home from another visit and am left with the same feeling once more. It is a truly wonderful hotel.

Located in Anacapri the Capri Palace hotel has 68 rooms. The decor is classic and elegant, the dominant colour being white which runs throughout. A fine selection of contemporary art decorates the hotels rooms.

It boasts 2 Michelin starred restaurants. Firstly L’Olivo which is located at the hotel. This is the only restaurant to have 2 Michelin stars on the island. Then there is Il Riccio which is the hotels Beach Club and fine dining restaurant and has 1 michelin star. For more casual dining at the hotel they have Bistro Ragu.

During my visit I was lucky enough to be able to visit the world renowned Capri Beauty Farm, which is located within the hotel. Here they are famous for their Leg School treatments, which were invented and patented by Professor Francesco Canonaco M.D. Medical and Scientific Director.

“La Scuola delle Gambe” which aims to improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow in the legs, boost metabolism, prevent and treat the cause of formation of cellulite.

The Leg School treatment begins with a cold mud mask being smoothed over the legs. After this is wasted off very cold bandages are wrapped around the legs. Once they are removed you are told to walk through a very warm pool of water followed by an ice cold pool, you repeat this process a number of times. Finally they apply a gel to the legs. The whole experience was very pleasurable, even though at times it was a bit bizarre! After the treatment my legs really did feel and appear firmer. You are advised to have at least 5/6 treatments. I was very pleased to meet Francesco during my treatment, he explained that they have now opened a treatment facility at Grace in Belgravia, London. This means when the hotel closes during the Winter months you can still go for your treatment at the London spa. Phew!!

If you are travelling to Capri I cannot recommend the Capri Palace enough! The hotel has so much to offer, the facilities are exceptional, the staff are very personable, the food is delicious, as I have said before I hope to return very soon!


Via Capodimonte, 14
80071 Anacapri
Island of Capri – ITALY
t (+39) 081 9780111
f (+39) 081 8373191

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