Ottod’ Ame, Lucca

2nd May 2017

Ottod’ Ame is an Italian clothing line. I discovered it whilst away in Lucca. I was wondering down one of the streets when i noticed the local hardware store had been replaced by Ottod’ Ame. The hardware store had been there for many years and to commemorate this they have decorated the store with screws and bolts etc, which they have built into the shop fittings.

The brand originally comes from Florence, you can find other stores in Milan, Tokyo and most recently Lucca. There are some really unique designs. They also have some really fab accessories including jewellery, socks, and bags.

I bought a silk blouse with embroidered roses on the front. It is a very versatile piece that i can wear on lots of different occasions.

Via Santa Croce 17 | 55100 Lucca

T +39 0583 467849

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