7th January 2017

Michelin starred chef David Munoz presents Asian/Spanish fusion at STREET XO.

I was very excited to be dining at STREET XO and as i headed down the golden staircase into the basement i was not disappointed. The restaurant is dimly lit, every now and again there was a blast of flames from the open kitchen, where the chefs, dressed in straightjacket style aprons, put on a ‘crazy’ show.

The menu displays a truly exciting mix of flavours. We were told to share 3 to 4 dishes. We narrowed it down to the following…

Grilled squid with green papaya, sour and spicy hibiscus dressing, peanuts, fine herbs and lime pesto.

La Pedroche croquettes – Kimchi, sheep milk, toro tuna, XO sauce and Lapsang Souchong tea.

King Crab with chipotles and paprika sauce, sherry spaghetti, marinated soft-shell crab and butter champagne emulsion.

Korean lasagne XO style – Aged Galician beef, shitake, Gochujang hot n sour tomato sauce and cardamom béchamel.

The dishes are pricey but really are delicious. I can recommend sitting at the kitchen counter, from here you catch all the action in the kitchen and have a great view of the rest of the restaurant.


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